I swallowed a tampon-size gastric balloon to fill my stomach. This is what happened…

Reducing my body mass index (BMI) over the past two years has been challenging. In this personal blog post entry, I discuss the ‘success’ experienced after paying several thousands of

Life and Design in a Post Pandemic Future

Check out these fascinating highlights from the “Emergence Future 2021” report by IDEO (a multi-disciplinary company of designers, researchers & scientists). This fascinating 100+ page report outlines the changes to

‘Hopefully’ I can say goodbye to my blepharitis and dry eye!

I’ve experienced relatively healthy eyes for most of my life. However, I had a slight change in my eyesight after giving birth to my first child. The difference was enough

Fancy a Little Black Book for….

When you think of a Little Black Book, you probably think of something a little bit naughty and nice. Well, rest assured, this is nice but without the naughty. Introducing

20 small space design ideas

It’s lovely when other motivated creatives reach out and offer their insights and passions that I know my readers would appreciate. Here is one such post that the talented Laura

First Pregnancy vs Second pregnancy

I want to share the differences between my first and second pregnancy now that we are done with babies. After reading this, please feel free to leave your experiences in

Why I used a car buying advocate to buy our car

Researching and finding a car to buy can not only take up a lot of time, but it can also be stressful and expensive. Now that I have a young

How to set up your home office

A lot of us are now working from home because of COVID-19. Having worked from home for several years now, I think it’s great because I’ve always advocated for more

Sponsored content – How to do it right (with examples from Google)

I’ve been blogging since 2011, and over the years received hundreds of requests from brands and companies asking to share their content on this blog and include a link back

5 funny experiences while I was pregnant

Now that baby number two is almost seven months old it’s giving me the opportunity to reflect back on some of the things I experienced while pregnant and have a

$2.10 for coffee. Introducing my new coffee machine from Breville – The Oracle

I love coffee, and by that, I don’t mean drinking ten cups a day. I drink two, but the two cups of coffee I drink need to be special –

Coronavirus – Uncertain times, but there’s hope.

The amount of money the Government is giving to support our country during this pandemic is phenomenal! The Coronavirus has rocked our economy, and I don’t think I’ll ever experience

Why I shop for my groceries online with Woolworths

Woolworths online grocery store is seamless and extremely intuitive to use. There is a lot more I can do online compared to when I used to go to the store

Talking Design: Views from Australia’s Design Ecosystem

It was great to see the report released from IP Australia this month titled Talking Design: Views from Australia’s Design Ecosystem which I was able to be a part of

A beautiful post about my son Hercule from my sister-in-law

Hercule recently turned 2-years old (my gosh where did that time go!). It’s hard to forget the moment he was born so thank goodness my sister-in-law captured the moment she

Bose apologises for their sleep buds & here’s why

I want to share an interesting (and sincere) email that landed in my inbox from Bose. The email is an excellent example of how a company admitted that they could

Repurposing – We should do a lot more of it

I want to share some highlights from a conversation I had with IP Australia, an Australian Government agency that administers intellectual property rights and legislation relating to designs. IP Australia

My top 8 baby essentials for new mums. New mum must haves

With baby number two on the way, I’m preparing myself for the unpredictable, exhausting, emotional and challenging times ahead. But despite the hard times ahead, there are some things that

Download my Personal Branding Assessment Cheatsheet

This is a follow on post from the one I wrote about how you can create your personal brand in 7 steps. Make sure to have a quick glance over

A good agent will save you thousands of dollars when selling your property

After catching up with Empowerwealth, it was decided to offload two underperforming investment properties. Because I’ve just gone through the process of selling two properties, I’d like to share some

How Tony Robbins (via his app) helped me to reclaim back more time in my life!

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bv5bAa5ga3H/ During a recent trip to Hong Kong, I spent a considerable chunk of time listening to the Time Management audio recording by Tony Robbins via his Breakthrough app. I

My top food picks in Melbourne – Pastry, chocolate & seafood

You know I’ve said it before, but Melbourne is an incredible city. I LOVE living here and feel so blessed to be a part of the vibrant food culture where

How to sell online? Differences between Facebook Marketplace vs Gumtree vs eBay

I’ve sold and bought items online since 2003 so I’m going to share some of the differences between marketplaces such as eBay, Gumtree and Facebook. It’ll help you to decide

Personal Branding – How to build & market a personal brand in 7 steps

Building and marketing your personal brand is a key element in attracting customers and growing a business. Deakin University invited me to speak about personal branding. I talked to a

My experience with fat freezing

To my lovely readers, this is a sponsored post. I was approached by Body Catalyst to experience a fat freezing treatment. I agreed to write a post about my experience

Why I took my baby to sleep school and did sleep school work?

https://www.instagram.com/p/BlZCvbCl1BJ/ When Hercule was two months old, he slept through the entire night. However, everything went downhill when he reached four months old. At four months, he started to wake

How to write better with this Copywriting Guide by Tait Ischia

  Writing relaxes me, and I enjoy being able to sit in front of my computer and write about something. I never have an issue in finding a topic to

My first mobile phone in 1997

I upgrade my mobile phone almost every year. But before my next upgrade, let’s take a look back at the different mobile phones I’ve used since 1997. The early years In

Apple Watch Series 3 – Why I can’t live with out it

I’ve just switched my health insurance over to AIA who have an impressive rewards program attached to their policy. The program rewards me based on the amount of activity I

I join other women in the industry for the Australian Retail Association Women in Retail Series

I can’t believe it has been ten years this month since I started my first retail business. Ten years ago (alongside my highly inspiring mother) we decided to do something