Gold Plating and Gold Vermeil

In this post I will describe different gold plating techniques. What is gold plating? Gold Plating is when a base metal such as steel, brass or copper is dipped into an

Finding Goochie the perfect playmate

I had no luck finding a suitable playmate to hang out with my little Goochie. So I decided to write a letter to the editor of my local paper hoping they

Using Oil Pastels to design Christmas Cards

Being a creative person I am always doodling, sketching or drawing on things. I can’t help myself and if you are also a creative person you know exactly what I

Shoe Candy

Every day for the past two months I have not been able to stop wearing these babies on my feet! They are unbelievably comfortable; it’s like walking on clouds Isabel

The Wonder Shirt

I couldn’t help but notice the beauty that adorned the streets during the 2012 couture fashion weeks in Paris, Milan and beyond. What really captured my attention was the simplicity of an attractive shirt.

Miu Miu Glitter Shoes – Over them or still in love with them

Sequined, heavily glittered and embellished shoes popped up a couple of years back in the traditional and safe colours such as black, silver, gold and red. However, now there are