How to sell online? Differences between Facebook Marketplace vs Gumtree vs eBay

I’ve sold and bought items online since 2003 so I’m going to share some of the differences between marketplaces such as eBay, Gumtree and Facebook. It’ll help you to decide

Personal Branding – How to build & market a personal brand in 7 steps

Building and marketing your personal brand is a key element in attracting customers and growing a business. Deakin University invited me to speak about personal branding. I talked to a

My experience with fat freezing

To my lovely readers, this is a sponsored post. I was approached by Body Catalyst to experience a fat freezing treatment. I agreed to write a post about my experience

Why I took my baby to sleep school and did sleep school work?

When Hercule was two months old, he slept through the entire night. However, everything went downhill when he reached four months old. At four months, he started to wake up

How to write better with this Copywriting Guide by Tait Ischia

  Writing relaxes me, and I enjoy being able to sit in front of my computer and write about something. I never have an issue in finding a topic to

My first mobile phone in 1997

I upgrade my mobile phone almost every year. But before my next upgrade, let’s take a look back at the different mobile phones I’ve used since 1997. The early years In

Apple Watch Series 3 – Why I can’t live with out it

I’ve just switched my health insurance over to AIA who have an impressive rewards program attached to their policy. The program rewards me based on the amount of activity I

I join other women in the industry for the Australian Retail Association Women in Retail Series

I can’t believe it has been ten years this month since I started my first retail business. Ten years ago (alongside my highly inspiring mother) we decided to do something

Being a new mum is the hardest thing I’ve done in my life

  I wish someone told me the truth about being a new mum – why doesn’t anyone mention how freaking hard it is? The hardest thing about being a new

Things to do in Seattle – Pike Place Market, Underground Tour & Tram Cart Ride

During our short trip to Seattle last year I got the chance to meet some of the locals who were quirky and vibrant. It was nice to see how the

9-months Pregnancy Timeline  – What to Expect

This year I gave birth to a gorgeous little boy named Hercule. It was a daunting experience because I never really held a baby or felt clucky enough to think

5 Ways to Nail Your Marketing this Christmas

With an ever-changing and very competitive retail landscape, brands need to make sure they fine-tune their marketing efforts each year, to not only stand out from the rest but to

Top 3 Innovative Items for the Home

You know that feeling when you’ve bought something really good that you can’t stop talking about it with your family and friends? Well, this happened to me, after experiencing what it’s

Things To See in Hong Kong

After spending seven days in Hong Kong earlier this year I thought I’d share what I managed to see in my short time being stuck there while I was having

Affordable interior decorating by Freedom

I’m absolutely in love with our new apartment! It’s been two months now since we moved in and I couldn’t be happier. There is a lot of natural light, the

Our Business Awards for 2017

I’m already winding down, and this is because I’ve completely smashed my new year’s resolutions for 2017 – so I figure I deserve to take things easy until 2018!  

How my accountant saved me $27K

Tax time is my favourite time of the year – and yes, I’m serious! I genuinely like this time of the year because it gives me a chance to get

MIFF – An Australian leading film festival happening in Melbourne

  What does Docklands and one of Australian leading Film Festivals have in common? A lot actually, considering that Lendlease from Docklands is proud to be this year’s major sponsor

Working in China – It wasn’t what I expected

Working in China was not what I expected and in this post, I share what my experiences were of living and working in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China for four weeks

Campbell Point House Luxury Wedding Venue – Common F.A.Q’s

I decided to put this post together that provides answers to the most common questions I receive about our wedding at Campbell Point House. Getting married at Campbell Point House

5 SEO Tips Direct from SMX Advanced in Seattle

It was a cool experience being able to fly to America for a world-class 2-day SEO conference. The annual Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Advanced conference took place this year in

How my Rentvesting Facebook post received 600 likes in 24 hours

I enjoy sharing stories about my life experiences on my blog, via my social media channels and on my newsletter. One story that I shared recently was the passion I have

7 days in Hong Kong – What I liked and didn’t like

I couldn’t resist the temptation of visiting Hong Kong while I was in China doing some consulting work for a new client last month. Hong Kong is considered part of China but

Wolford case study: How I’d improve this luxury brand’s customer experience

Wolford, located at the top end of Collins Street in Melbourne, is a hosiery and luxury knitted outerwear brand. I shopped there for the first time earlier this year after

A unique and luxurious scent made right here in Australia

Did you know we have one of the world’s most prestige’s suppliers of Sandalwood in Australia? Quintis manufacture some of the world’s purest, and most precious, Sandalwood and last month they

Living & working in Docklands – My interview with Docklands News

In this recent interview with the Docklands News, I share my reasons why I love living in Docklands as well as using the place to do my work. It’s convenient,

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

This month, Melbourne hosted a month-long Fashion Festival at the old Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. The venue was perfect because it’s big enough to include a grand entrance (inside

What’s on in Melbourne – Things to do in Autumn

Melbourne is always full of fun events to enjoy and spectacular shows to see. I’ve put together a list of four things happening this Autumn and Winter to make it

The Entourage Launch Program – Product To Market Fit workshop

Here is my second post of the 2-day workshop I completed from The Entourage Launch program called the Product to Market Fit. This workshop was a lot more interactive than

Fun things to do in Docklands

I left Canberra four years ago to relocate to Melbourne and since moving to Docklands a lot has changed in the area – especially the option of having more fun