National Gallery of Victoria – Italian Jewels Bulgari Style Exhibition

I couldn’t wait to visit the Bulgari exhibition at the NGV in Melbourne. Bulgari evokes glamour, luxury and sophistication. Their exquisite and timeless designs are linked with some of the

Storage solutions for apartments and small spaces

A cluttered space drives me crazy, not only is it hard to be productive it’s also hard to be creative. I grew up in a big house with plenty of

Things to consider when designing a new logo

I’ve spent most of my weekends recently working on the new Capriess website. Part of the new rebuild includes a new look featuring a fresh new logo. Our first attempt

I just binge watched Stranger Things on Netflix

Netflix offers some incredible shows that can quickly chew up your entire weekend. One show that everyone seems to be raving on about is called Stranger Things. With so many shows

The Entourage – Scalable and Saleable program

Every year I create a list of goals to make my life easier and more enriched. One of my goals this year was to sign up to The Entourage, Australia’s

Campbell Point House – A luxury wedding venue

Our friends and family still comment on how much they enjoyed our wedding venue. I’m proud of the fact that we were able to achieve such an incredible event at such

Life InStyle Exhibition in Melbourne

Life InStyle was held last week at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. It’s an annual exhibition that brings together some of the most talented and emerging lifestyle, fashion and

My new Thermomix – What I like & don’t like about it My Thermomix has changed the way I approach cooking. It’s the most brilliant kitchen appliance I’ve used and I’ll explain why I like it in this blog post. I

The Mantra – Nusa Dua Bali

pIt was my third time visiting Nusa Dua last month, and it wasn’t going to be my last. Nusa Dua, in Bali, is one of my favourite places to escape

My Fashion Styling Session with Chelsea

I first meet Chelsea, a Melbourne stylist, 2-years ago when I purchased one of her styling packages that included a half-day shop. I contacted the lovely Chelsea again for her

The Olympics 2016 in Rio, Brazil

With only two weeks to the Olympics, I want to share my feelings and thoughts about Rio. I was in Brazil only 6 months ago visiting family so I can’t

Meditation tips – Why I Meditate

To be the best person I can be I need time and space to reflect on my active lifestyle. The amount of pressure and the level of commitment it takes to

Handmade in Melbourne – Scented Candles

I have a beautiful workspace to do my work. However, to make sure I work more efficiently here are a few things I do to brighten up my workstation: 1.

Go Get Hire Cars – My experience

I decided to sell my Audi over two months ago because I wasn’t using it enough. In fact, I only drove the car once or twice per week. Living close to

My Wedding Budget – How I kept my costs down

It’s a lovely feeling to know that my wedding was held at one of Australia’s unique places, Campbell Point House. However, to make sure it was possible to have our wedding

What to do when you have a bad haircut

I’m still upset at the hairdresser I visited in Docklands last month who ruined my hair when she cut it. I want to blog about the things I did to remain

Buying Social Media fans – My thoughts

The topic of ‘buying social media fans’ came up recently with one of my clients and after several discussions (and a bit of data) I’m glad to report they’ve come

How to take a great photo with your camera – Photography tips

When I take my photos to use online, there are things I keep in mind to ensure I take the best possible photos. Below are some things I take into consideration every time

Different ways I make money – My interview with the Herald Sun

When people ask me the question “What do you do for work,” I often find it difficult to respond without being overly complicated. So from now on I’ll just forward

Wedding Trends for 2016

While I was researching for inspiration for my wedding, I kept coming across the same things when it came to getting married. In 2016, brides want to be more involved

Bridal Beauty Tips for Your Wedding

For the past 6 weeks, I’ve followed a strict beauty, health and fitness regime, and I want to share with you some of the things I’ve done to make sure

Mothers Day Gifts – Handmade Chocolates

I’m going to surprise my mum with some lovely handmade dark chocolate for Mother’s Day next month – or what’s left from the chocolate boxes I received in the mail this

My new jewellery designs – Spike Earrings

Amongst all the wedding preparations I have been doing for my particular day next month, I have still made time for other things. This includes working on some new designs

Burlesque Show – Things to do in Docklands

I couldn’t have chosen a better night to go along and enjoy some spectacular burlesque. The evening was warm, and I was excited to be on a boat in the

My Favourite Chai blends – Part two

Here is the part two post about the wonderful experience I had tasting a variety of different Chai blends. You can read the part one Chai blog post here which

Chai – My favourite type of Tea blends

I love drinking Chai with plenty of blends to choose from in Melbourne. This post is a two-part series about my recent experience of taste testing some different Chai blends.

Interviewed for the University of Canberra Alumni Blog Series

I can’t believe it has been over ten years since graduating from the University of Canberra, so you can imagine how thrilled and excited I was to receive an email

Girl Boss – The CEO of Nasty Gal

Recently I’ve seen a lot of ‘Girl Boss’ inspired merchandise, but where did this term originate? I first saw this term from a book title I read last year by

How I Organise the Content on my Blog

I enjoy and love the fact I have time to write a blog post each week for you to read. I can take up to 3 hours to put some of my

Working for myself (again) – My first year in business

This week I’m celebrating my first year working as a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant. However, this is not the first time I’ve worked for myself doing what I enjoy. The