Fashion Icons exhibition in Adelaide

I just had to write this post after visiting the Fashion Icons Exhibition exclusive to the Art Gallery of South Australia. Approximately one hundred haute couture garments were on display. They were on loan from The Musee

McLaren 650s vs Ferrari 458

  Following on from the post I wrote about the Melbourne Super Car Club (MSCC), my brother had the opportunity to test drive a McLaren for a week, hesitantly putting his Ferrari

A Melbourne Fashion Stylist – Part two

In November I wrote about my 1 hour personal styling session with Chelsea, a Melbourne Fashion Stylist. The post covered the things we spoke about as well as the things I learnt.

The Melbourne Super Car Club

Updated 17th March 2016: The Melbourne Super Car Club is no longer active. In this post, I talk about my brother, the car club he founded, and that was active

5 ways to write a better blog

Setting up a personal blog has never been so easy. But coming up with ideas of what to write may not be as easy as you think. A blog is a great way

My Business Ideas

Do you find yourself always brainstorming new business ideas? I do, and I’m sure I piss my family and friends off in the process, annoying them with everything I come

New Year’s Resolutions

Once the excitement of celebrating New Year’s dies down, I take time out to write my New Year’s Resolution list. My list is short, straight to the point and includes the things I want

A Melbourne Fashion Stylist – Part one

I doubt I'm the only one who feels this, but shopping in Melbourne is overwhelming. As a result I’ve developed a phobia for shopping, especially when it comes to shopping for clothes and turned to a fashion stylist for help. When shopping for clothes I feel confused with all of the options available. How am I suppose to know which style would suit me best? I've lost touch with my style and need help as I can't expect to rely on the people working in the stores to tell me what cut, colour, fabric or style of clothing would suit me best.

Skincare for Rosacea Treatment

This post is a follow-up blog post I wrote about the makeup I use to help cover up my rosacea. What worked I was on a mission to find a

Cor da Moda – Part Two

After pulling off a successful 2009 Cor da Moda fashion event, we decided to host the event again in 2010. In this blog post, I will take you briefly through details of

Rob Peetoom Hair Spa in Bali

This is a must see hair spa for if you are in Bali. You will experience a type of pampering that is not easy to find in Melbourne. If you know

Thailand Benjarong Pottery is beautiful

I find small decorative works of art incredibly beautiful and recently discovered Benjarong Pottery. If you have a chance to travel to Thailand make sure you make the effort to

Canberra’s first fashion event at Audi – Cor da Moda

As part of a two-part blog post, I will be sharing with you my experience of co-owning a high-end leather footwear and handbag boutique with my mother in 2008. I was happy

Ever experienced that feel of beachy waves after you swim in the fresh ocean? Even though it’s not summer yet, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the look of fresh, textured waves. This

Shoes of Prey – The Final Verdict

The Final Verdict – Why I had to call it off with Shoes of Prey I was hoping this blog post was going to turn out different. After speaking so

Montblanc bejewelled Princesse Grace de Monaco pen

Are you in the market for a luxury pen? I was and I wanted a pen that was classy and feminine, something I would love to use every time I write. The

5 Tips for Travelling Overseas

1. Buy a travel wallet. One of the things that I can’t stand when I’m travelling is not being organised! So when it comes to all the airplane tickets and

The 90’s resurgence!  Rave-Wear, Patches & Chokers!

This post is going to be about Laura from Adelaide, owner of Lucid8 Boutique. Since meeting Laura over email, I’ve stayed in touch with her as we have some things

Midi Rings

Midi rings have become the biggest and latest trend. Midi rings are worn approximately half way on the finger or from the tip of your finger to your first knuckle

Shoes of Prey – Part 2

I received my shoes after placing my first order with Shoes of Prey and was impressed at the attention paid to the detail of the packaging. Below you will find photos taken of

Make Up Compartment and Storage Ideas

  Make up compartments and small storages are useful when you have many make-up products. You can find assorted compartments- from small ones for lipsticks to bigger ones for more

I want to share my insights of things you can do in your 20’s to make sure you not only have a fantastic lifestyle, but you are ahead when you

It’s Tea Time! Types of Teas and Health Benefits

I am going to admit it- I am a massive tea lover! I’ve never shared a liking for coffee, which is quite unusual, since i am of Greek and Italian

Road testing Mascaras

  If there’s one makeup item I can’t leave the house without, it’s mascara. Without it I feel like a panda without black circles around it’s eyes! (refer to the

Coffee and Coconut Body Scrub

There’s nothing better than treating your body using natural products in the comfort of your own home and with previous homemade beauty recipes already posted on here, I thought I

Healthy sweet treats – Choc Chip and Chickpea cookies

CHOCOLATE, PEANUT BUTTER AND CHICKPEA COOKIES   I’m on a health kick and this means I’ll share blog posts with you that I’ve written featuring healthy food recipes that I’ve

Shoes of Prey – Part One

I finally ordered my first pair of custom-made shoes from Shoes of Prey. I first heard about Shoes of Prey, a website which allows you to personalise and custom design

A natural deodorant that actually works!

I’ve been relying on my roll-on and spray deodorant more often lately due to the fact that I’m working out a lot more. After relying on it for a period

Skincare for Rosacea & Sensitive Red Skin

Guess what, I have Rosacea! After recently discovering that I have Rosacea, I felt compelled to write about it, sharing what I learnt with others suffering from this same condition.

5 Essential Accessories for a Style Queen

Everyone has a few items they really couldn’t live without. Like, if the mafia took them away, I’d chase after them and put up a fair fight, guns or no