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Digital Account Manager - Keep Left
Emilia Rossi was delightful to work with. She made our client project a breeze by not only being great talent but bringing enthusiasm behind the camera. I would definitely continue to work with her for future projects.
CEO - Mitch Dowd
Emilia is a gem and a jewel and her blood is worth bottling! If you need someone to make a difference with your online and social media platforms, Emilia is your solution.
Owner - Soon Maternity
Emilia is an absolute champion and delivers what you need! She is extremely organised and creative. Always come up with innovative ideas that help us to improve. It is amazing how much knowledge she has in many areas and there is nothing she could do. We enjoyed working with her and highly recommend for anyone who needs help to grow their digital part of the business.
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The amount of money the Government is giving to support our country during this pandemic is phenomenal! The Coronavirus has rocked our economy, and I don’t think I’ll ever experience

Why I shop for my groceries online with Woolworths

Woolworths online grocery store is seamless and extremely intuitive to use. There is a lot more I can do online compared to when I used to go to the store

Talking Design: Views from Australia’s Design Ecosystem

It was great to see the report released from IP Australia this month titled Talking Design: Views from Australia’s Design Ecosystem which I was able to be a part of

A beautiful post about my son Hercule from my sister-in-law

Hercule recently turned 2-years old (my gosh where did that time go!). It’s hard to forget the moment he was born so thank goodness my sister-in-law captured the moment she

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I want to share an interesting (and sincere) email that landed in my inbox from Bose. The email is an excellent example of how a company admitted that they could

Repurposing – We should do a lot more of it

I want to share some highlights from a conversation I had with IP Australia, an Australian Government agency that administers intellectual property rights and legislation relating to designs. IP Australia

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