Senior marketer with 10+ years experience

I aim to constantly challenge the norms and engage with others online in the most impactful and innovative ways possible. I achieve this by combining my curiosity with a deep understanding of human behaviour in the digital realm.

One of my core areas of expertise lies in deciphering data and identifying emerging trends, swiftly transforming them into valuable insights that drive strategic initiatives across diverse channels. By doing so, I capture market share and establish authentic connections with the right people online seamlessly and organically.

Throughout my career, I’ve collaborated with clients from various industries, gaining invaluable experience and insights. As I continue to evolve, I’m committed to further enhancing my strategic communications and content marketing skills, particularly within the tech industry.

Industries I’ve worked with


Streamlining over-complicated tech jargon without having a purpose or objective. Redesigning specific touch-points online to help increase Organic traffic and conversions and thus creating more qualified leads.


Ensuring important barriers have been redesigned to provide more improved experiences and conversion, lowering shopping cart bounces. Ensuring more of a succinct experience online and offline in-store. Ensuring customer VIP is also reflected on their e-commerce site. Working to increase traffic and conversions across all channels, mostly Organic, Referral and Email. Only utilising Paid to help drive instant customers for a particular sale event.


Increasing information to help create more entries to their website as manufacturing tends to be dry in terms of the content they believe they can produce. Also, put in a purpose and objective to the content they share across social. Improve content touch-points when dealing with external stakeholders who are interesting to become a reseller.


Help a select number of agencies and PR with an influx of client work across various industries. Taking on work across SEO, SEM and content marketing. Becoming a valuable team player and usually working on multiple projects at the same time.

Digital Account Manager - Keep Left
Emilia Rossi was delightful to work with. She made our client project a breeze by not only being great talent but bringing enthusiasm behind the camera. I would definitely continue to work with her for future projects.
CEO - Mitch Dowd
Emilia is a gem and a jewel and her blood is worth bottling! If you need someone to make a difference with your online and social media platforms, Emilia is your solution.
Owner - Soon Maternity
Emilia is an absolute champion and delivers what you need! She is extremely organised and creative. Always come up with innovative ideas that help us to improve. It is amazing how much knowledge she has in many areas and there is nothing she could do. We enjoyed working with her and highly recommend for anyone who needs help to grow their digital part of the business.

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