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Wealth creation
Nine News Emilia Rossi
Nine News
How to leverage credit card points over the past 10 years to buy small luxuries & upgrade international flights.
Rex Airlines True Blue Emilia Rossi
Rex Airlines
Rex’s onboard in-flight magazine. Why I enlisted the help of a buyer’s agent to purchase a 4th investment property.
Daily Mail Emilia Rossi
Details of my investment strategies.
Financial Review Emilia Rossi
Financial Review
Sharing some of my investment insights.
iSelect Emilia Rossi
How rentvesting has helped build up my wealth.
Women With Cents Emilia Rossi
Women with Cents
A podcast talking about the benefits and challenges of rentvesting.
Nine News Emilia Rossi
Why investing while renting is a growing trend for someone like myself.
The Carousel Emilia Rossi
The Carousel
How I take advantage of the sharing economy to make my life easier.
IP Australia Emilia Rossi
IP Australia
My opinion on how design and marketing affect consumerism and repurposing.
Startup Smart
Affordable online tools for startups.
Australian Retail Association Emilia Rossi
Part of the Women in Retail Series. Sharing the positive story of my first retail business at the age of 26.
Herald Sun Emilia Rossi
Herald Sun
Interview talking about the different ways I make an income.
Ideas Hoist Emilia Rossi
Ideas Hoist
Talking about my online marketplace Capriess (selling pre-loved wedding items).
Women Love Tech Emilia Rossi
Women Love Tech
Talking about my online marketplace Capriess (selling pre-loved wedding items).
Win News
News segment promoting a highly anticipated fashion charity event I created and organised at the Audi Centre in Canberra which raised over $4K for the Olivia Lambert foundation.
Uni of Canberra
Q & A with UC to highlight the successes (and failures) after graduating in Industrial Design (Hons) all the way back 2005!
Herald Sun Emilia Rossi
Herald Sun
Interview about my concerns of childcare fees.
Lend Lease
Promo video for Lend Lease in Docklands to present some cool little places to grab a healthy bite.
Docklands News Emilia Rossi
Docklands News
Reasons why I love living and working in Docklands. Emilia Rossi
Q & A on the pressure women feel to look good in conjunction with Andalou Naturals.
ABC Emilia Rossi
The value and benefits of a time audit and how it changed my way of life.
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The amount of money the Government is giving to support our country during this pandemic is phenomenal! The Coronavirus has rocked our economy, and I don’t think I’ll ever experience

Why I shop for my groceries online with Woolworths

Woolworths online grocery store is seamless and extremely intuitive to use. There is a lot more I can do online compared to when I used to go to the store

Talking Design: Views from Australia’s Design Ecosystem

It was great to see the report released from IP Australia this month titled Talking Design: Views from Australia’s Design Ecosystem which I was able to be a part of

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