Public Speaking

Part of my life journey is the passion I have to motivate, educate, and inspire those around me to overcome similar challenges. I’m never short of something to say – so speaking openly in front of an audience comes naturally.

Public speaking (and mentoring) is an area I’m growing in because it’s a great way to put yourself out there and connect with even more like-minded people. 

Some of the topics I’ve spoken about include:

  • Business diversification
  • Overcoming career/business setbacks
  • Work-life balance
  • Importance of personal branding
  • Women in business
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Melbourne Start-up Weekend at RMIT

I worked closely with two groups who pitched their business ideas as part of RMIT’s Start-Up Weekend. I mentored the groups and provided advice across a broad range of topics, including their pricing models, their product to market fit and how they would launch a minimal viable product.

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Powered by LaunchVic and presented by Hatch Quarter

Topic: Your diversity, your strength: Empowering women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

This was an insightful night of discussion, community, and networking. I joined a panel of other reputable female entrepreneurs including the Founder and Director of Wimmigrants of Australia, Alma Besserdin, Co-founder of Incubate Foundation and Change Architects, Zione Walker-Nthenda, as well as Founder and CEO of Global CQ, Anoushka Gungadin. We shared our personal journeys, the challenges faced when developing our startups to grants and initiatives available right through to what others can do as responsible colleagues and counterparts. See the full video here.

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Deakin Uni

Deakin University

Topic: Importance of Personal Branding.

I presented a 90-minute workshop with a multi-disciplinary group of students (and alumni) at Deakin University. This workshop’s objective was to showcase a memorable presentation of the importance of Personal Branding to allow the attendees to learn, interact, and take something away that they could apply to their own brands. The workshop’s feedback was that the students absolutely loved the real-world examples and the fact that I was so raw and candid about my successes with my personal brand. Here’s my post covering personal branding.

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Melbourne Business Week

Organised by Melbourne Business Network

Topic: Business Fit... the Juggling Act

I joined three other inspiring women including Kate Cornick – CEO Launch Vic; Vicki MacDermid – Partner, Pitcher Partners; Simone Austin – Advanced Sports Dietitian and President of Sports Dietitians Australian to answer tough questions about work, life balance, equal pay, harassment, career opportunities and much more.

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Networking Breakfast

Professional Networking Career Breakfast at Crown Towers

Topic: How to stand out, impact and accomplish.

Organised by the Australasian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association, this was their 5th Annual Careers Breakfast. I was invited to participate as a panellist discussing and providing valuable insights into a start-up business’s challenges. Over 100 graduates and young professionals attended this event.

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