Fancy a Little Black Book for….

When you think of a Little Black Book, you probably think of something a little bit naughty and nice. Well, rest assured, this is nice but without the naughty. Introducing

Our Business Awards for 2017

I’m already winding down, and this is because I’ve completely smashed my new year’s resolutions for 2017 – so I figure I deserve to take things easy until 2018!  

The Entourage Launch Program – Product To Market Fit workshop

Here is my second post of the 2-day workshop I completed from The Entourage Launch program called the Product to Market Fit. This workshop was a lot more interactive than

I can’t get enough of The Access Economy

I enjoy living a flexible life that allows me to leverage off services which don’t cost a lot of money to use. I also like the convenience of accessing these

The Entourage Launch Program – My thoughts

The Entourage is a group of highly passionate, innovative individuals who provide education and support for entrepreneurs. I attended their Unconventional seminar 2-years ago and continued to be in the

The Entourage – Scalable and Saleable program

Every year I create a list of goals to make my life easier and more enriched. One of my goals this year was to sign up to The Entourage, Australia’s

Girl Boss – The CEO of Nasty Gal

Recently I’ve seen a lot of ‘Girl Boss’ inspired merchandise, but where did this term originate? I first saw this term from a book title I read last year by

Working for myself (again) – My first year in business

This week I’m celebrating my first year working as a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant. However, this is not the first time I’ve worked for myself doing what I enjoy. The

Women Love Tech Founder Interview

It’s not every day I get the pleasure to enjoy a nice dinner with a funny and passionate French tech expert. I’m talking about the creative founder behind Australia’s number one tech site

Jessica Wilson – Founder of Stashd

The Unconvention, organised by The Entourage, is Australia’s largest entrepreneurial event. Attendees at the event included start-ups, tech heads, entrepreneurs, mentors and extraordinary people. All of which came together to

My Business Ideas

Do you find yourself always brainstorming new business ideas? I do, and I’m sure I piss my family and friends off in the process, annoying them with everything I come

Five Minutes with Lisa Messenger

A couple of months ago, I blogged about the launch of a fantastic new business magazine called The Collective. You can view the original post here. Since March, The Collective team and its Editor in Chief