My disappointing $3,000 experience with this luxury brand: A warning to potential buyers!

I’m sharing a frustrating experience with one of the world’s most recognisable luxury brands on Collins Street, Melbourne. As an admirer of this brand, I never expected to encounter such

Dazzle Dry: A nail polish system for healthy, long-lasting beautiful nails

I enjoy sharing with you the experiences I have with products that exceed expectations. So, here’s a nail polish system I can’t stop raving about to my family and friends. 

I swallowed a tampon-size gastric balloon to fill my stomach. This is what happened…

Reducing my body mass index (BMI) over the past two years has been challenging. In this personal blog post entry, I discuss the ‘success’ experienced after paying several thousands of

‘Hopefully’ I can say goodbye to my blepharitis and dry eye!

I’ve experienced relatively healthy eyes for most of my life. However, I had a slight change in my eyesight after giving birth to my first child. The difference was enough

My experience with fat freezing

To my lovely readers, this is a sponsored post. I was approached by Body Catalyst to experience a fat freezing treatment. I agreed to write a post about my experience

A unique and luxurious scent made right here in Australia

Did you know we have one of the world’s most prestige’s suppliers of Sandalwood in Australia? Quintis manufacture some of the world’s purest, and most precious, Sandalwood and last month they

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

This month, Melbourne hosted a month-long Fashion Festival at the old Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. The venue was perfect because it’s big enough to include a grand entrance (inside

Chemical Free Beauty Products – Nailpolish

I recently discovered that my shampoo contained a cancer-causing substance called coal-tar. This discovery made me think about the safety of the ingredients used in my other beauty products such

National Gallery of Victoria – Italian Jewels Bulgari Style Exhibition

I couldn’t wait to visit the Bulgari exhibition at the NGV in Melbourne. Bulgari evokes glamour, luxury and sophistication. Their exquisite and timeless designs are linked with some of the

My Fashion Styling Session with Chelsea

I first meet Chelsea, a Melbourne stylist, 2-years ago when I purchased one of her styling packages that included a half-day shop. I contacted the lovely Chelsea again for her

Handmade in Melbourne – Scented Candles

I have a beautiful workspace to do my work. However, to make sure I work more efficiently here are a few things I do to brighten up my workstation: 1.

What to do when you have a bad haircut

I’m still upset at the hairdresser I visited in Docklands last month who ruined my hair when she cut it. I want to blog about the things I did to remain

My new jewellery designs – Spike Earrings

Amongst all the wedding preparations I have been doing for my particular day next month, I have still made time for other things. This includes working on some new designs

Dior Fashion Exhibition Dubai

I stumbled across Le Theatre Dior, an intimate display in the Dubai Mall of 60 small-scale Dior Haute Couture gowns, each perfectly identical to the original. Le Theatre Dior is

An Affordable Cosmeceutical Skincare Brand called ASAP

Facials are an important step in your skincare routine and so is using a quality cosmeceutical skincare brand. This post features a cosmeceutical brand who approached me to trial some of

I had my Eyebrows Tattooed

The only way I was going to have a fuller eyebrow was to have them tattooed. My eyebrows were looked over by two different brow experts including Amanda and Alani. Both