Ever experienced that feel of beachy waves after you swim in the fresh ocean? Even though it’s not summer yet, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the look of fresh, textured waves. This

Shoes of Prey – The Final Verdict

The Final Verdict – Why I had to call it off with Shoes of Prey I was hoping this blog post was going to turn out different. After speaking so

Montblanc bejewelled Princesse Grace de Monaco pen

Are you in the market for a luxury pen? I was and I wanted a pen that was classy and feminine, something I would love to use every time I write. The

The 90’s resurgence!  Rave-Wear, Patches & Chokers!

This post is going to be about Laura from Adelaide, owner of Lucid8 Boutique. Since meeting Laura over email, I’ve stayed in touch with her as we have some things

Midi Rings

Midi rings have become the biggest and latest trend. Midi rings are worn approximately half way on the finger or from the tip of your finger to your first knuckle

Shoes of Prey – Part 2

I received my shoes after placing my first order with Shoes of Prey and was impressed at the attention paid to the detail of the packaging. Below you will find photos taken of

Road testing Mascaras

  If there’s one makeup item I can’t leave the house without, it’s mascara. Without it I feel like a panda without black circles around it’s eyes! (refer to the

Coffee and Coconut Body Scrub

There’s nothing better than treating your body using natural products in the comfort of your own home and with previous homemade beauty recipes already posted on here, I thought I

Shoes of Prey – Part One

I finally ordered my first pair of custom-made shoes from Shoes of Prey. I first heard about Shoes of Prey, a website which allows you to personalise and custom design

A natural deodorant that actually works!

I’ve been relying on my roll-on and spray deodorant more often lately due to the fact that I’m working out a lot more. After relying on it for a period

Skincare for Rosacea & Sensitive Red Skin

Guess what, I have Rosacea! After recently discovering that I have Rosacea, I felt compelled to write about it, sharing what I learnt with others suffering from this same condition.

5 Essential Accessories for a Style Queen

Everyone has a few items they really couldn’t live without. Like, if the mafia took them away, I’d chase after them and put up a fair fight, guns or no

Shopping in Melbourne City – Emporium, H&M, Melbourne Central

Melbourne is known for its shopping culture and in this blog post I will highlight some of the places I love most when it comes to shopping in Melbourne. The

Cabbage Palm Hats, also known as Cabbage Tree Hats, were worn in Australia around the 1800’s and were made by the early convicts. They were narrow brimmed and light to

Top 5 Nail Colours for this Winter

Yes, it is coming up to that time of the year again- Winter! I’ve collated five nail colours that are perfect for this winter- from nudes to pastels to deep

Weekend outfit

Hi lovers, So on Saturday I went shopping and picked up this cute outfit. Like I said on my previous post boyfriend jeans are my favourite this season. This is