Ageing gracefully: Cheap and cheerful skin care for the anti ageing conscious

Recently, I hit my mid-twenties life crisis and have successfully convinced myself that my skin has become a wrinkled mess over night! In a fit of panic, I started searching

The Make Up Brush Debate – Real Fur vs Synthetic

To properly apply make up like the professionals, every girl needs a good set of brushes. However, there is a raging debate about whether you should use animal hair brushes

Boyfriend Jeans

So for this look I went with a more casual and comfy outfit. Boyfriend jeans have been so big this season and they are my favorite. I dressed it up

Dress To Your Height: Rocking Pieces for a Sky High Chick!

All my life I have battled to find clothes that compliment and fit my six foot tall frame; I find a lot of clothing is designed for someone with my

Spending Big on Cosmetics? Here’s how to SAVE!

I constantly struggle with how much beauty cosmetics cost in Australia; we have an unbelievable mark up on the price of makeup and skin care compared to the US and

Nail Polish – there is no such thing as too much!

I have a confession: I am a full on nail polish addict. There is no point hiding it anymore, I just can’t get enough of painted nails and, as a

Checkered skirts

This is so exciting, my very first blog post on Emilia Rossi Fashion Blog. Where to start? Let’s start by saying, hi, my name is Andrea and I want to

The Fashion Bible – Australian Vogue

So my main fashion high last month was purchasing my very first Australian Vogue.  It looked so pretty and it was the last copy on the shelf so it was

Op-shoppery – Retro Heels

Frequenting Op Shops has long been a hobby of mine since I never know what treasures I may unearth. Also because I spend way too much money on clothing and

Product Review: Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is one of the most popular hair products readers swear by. Dry shampoo started becoming popular during the 70’s; only today are there more varieties to select. Dry

Louis Vuitton Brea Vernis Handbag

Is there a brand that you can’t live without, a brand that inspires you to enjoy every moment in life, a brand that you just find an absolute pleasure to

A fresh wardrobe start

From my first pay check when I was 19. Every week there would be a new item or two added to my closet… that was on a tamed week. I remember

DIY exfoliant – Put the honey in the pineapple and shake it all up

Ohh la la. I see London, I see France, and I see someone’s drab, drab face. By now we all have said farewell to the hot summer season, but have

Les Exclusifs De Chanel

Since I was a little girl my mother always used to tell me “A lady should never leave the house without spraying on her favourite perfume”. Perfume to me is

Nike Frees – Is it a Fashion Trend?

I’ve never seen so many Nikes around the city, since when is it actually a fashion trend? It was a slow growing one, though when people really took notice of

Chloe Morello – Our girl crush

Meet our newest girl crush, Chloe Morello. I was lucky to first meet Miss Morello very briefly years ago when she was just starting to film her beauty tips for her Youtube