Sugar Cocoa Baby

Close your eyes I’m about to take you on a magical journey. Your draw yourself a bath the water is scoldingly hot turning your skin a slight shade of pink.

Ear Cuffs

Once upon a time, girls had to get their ears pierced if they wanted to wear stylish earrings (there were also those stick on ones which i’m sure most of

Remember Jawbreakers?

I’m sure most remember ruining their teeth on those lollies throughout their childhood. Well now you can enjoy them and keep your teeth intact. How you ask? Jawbreaker nail polish!

How I style my Emilia Rossi Jewellery

Being my first blog, I thought it would be most fitting to post on how I love to wear my beautiful Emilia Rossi Jewellery! I have put together a few

Photoshoot – Behind the Scenes

In my most recent shoots, I’ve had models Kelly Kooper, Stephanie Hanley, Hailey Simpson and child star Kaila Dempsey who were all fab! Makeup and hair artist Simon Bull was

Ottoman Necklace Jewellery

Turkish jewellery is known for being ornate, colourful and decorated with diamonds, turquoise and emeralds. The designs are rich with culture and history and many reflect what the Sultans would

Beauty Tips for Eyebrows

My first ever trip to an Eyebrow Sculpting Artist was overdue. Amanda Peterson from Bespoke Brows showed me all the wrong things I was doing with my eyebrows such as shaping and plucking

Summer Skincare Routine

This is a follow-up post from my preview post on sunscreen. Besides wearing sunscreen, I also have a specific skincare routine that I do each day during Summer. It’s important

Confessions of a Shopoholic

These are the thirty pairs of shoes I own. Sounds like a lot, right? Yep! According to the Daily Mail, the average woman owns twenty pairs of shoes but only

Sunscreen from Becca, Aldi and Kit Cosmetics

Having pale skin, one of my biggest concerns is the sun. Since a young age, I have worn sunscreen religiously and never suffered a severe sunburn in my life. I’m

Summer Sandals

This summer the trend of white or black sandals has really spread quickly and fast. Whether you’re going out to the shops, into the city with friends or out for

Pale Skin Beauties

I, like many other pale skin girls struggle to find the perfect lipstick and lipgloss for my skin- too dark, too bright, colour doesn’t look good… After a year of

Who’s got Spirit?

This little English skate company have recently appeared out of the woodwork and presented themselves to me with some pretty rad clothes. If you’re into oversized boyfriend jumper, colourful beanies or

In Thing: Geo Necklace

Geo (geometric) necklaces are the new stylish in-thing. Geo necklaces rose in the 80s and the retro art has since come back in style (just like many other vintage fashion

Jewellery Trends 2014

2013 is well and truly behind us, so lets take a look at which fashion jewellery trends will appear in 2014. Jewellery trends move slower than other industries including textiles,

New Year New Wardrobe!

It is that time of the year again and if you were in need of some sparkling inspiration to celebrate a fresh start I have just the thing. Back in