Minimalism – A Netflix documentary that sums up how I’d like to live

I finished watching a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism – a documentary that sums up how I would like to live from now on. We’re lead to believe we need

My experience of loosing a loved one

I want to write about my experience of losing someone close. I’m not going to go into the details of who it was or how they passed. Instead, I want

Goochie turned 10 years old

With so much occurring this month I would like to share a light-hearted post about my little Pomeranian Goochie who recently turned 10. I remember the conversation with my brother

Storage solutions for apartments and small spaces

A cluttered space drives me crazy, not only is it hard to be productive it’s also hard to be creative. I grew up in a big house with plenty of

I just binge watched Stranger Things on Netflix

Netflix offers some incredible shows that can quickly chew up your entire weekend. One show that everyone seems to be raving on about is called Stranger Things. With so many shows

Life InStyle Exhibition in Melbourne

Life InStyle was held last week at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. It’s an annual exhibition that brings together some of the most talented and emerging lifestyle, fashion and

My new Thermomix – What I like & don’t like about it

My Thermomix has changed the way I approach cooking. It’s the most brilliant kitchen appliance I’ve used and I’ll explain why I like it in this blog post. I first

Meditation tips – Why I Meditate

To be the best person I can be I need time and space to reflect on my active lifestyle. The amount of pressure and the level of commitment it takes to

Go Get Hire Cars – My experience

I decided to sell my Audi over two months ago because I wasn’t using it enough. In fact, I only drove the car once or twice per week. Living close to

Mothers Day Gifts – Handmade Chocolates

I’m going to surprise my mum with some lovely handmade dark chocolate for Mother’s Day next month – or what’s left from the chocolate boxes I received in the mail this

My Favourite Chai blends – Part two

Here is the part two post about the wonderful experience I had tasting a variety of different Chai blends. You can read the part one Chai blog post here which

Chai – My favourite type of Tea blends

I love drinking Chai with plenty of blends to choose from in Melbourne. This post is a two-part series about my recent experience of taste testing some different Chai blends.

A wrap up of 2015

Unlike other New Years, this year I decided to purchase tickets to a club in Melbourne CBD to make sure I could celebrate New Years in style and comfort. I

Winston the Pomeranian

My brother wanted a Pomeranian and couldn’t find one close to home, so luckily the breeder that Goochie came from, had a little darling Pomeranian puppy available in Canberra. My mother went to Canberra

Virgin Active Health Centre Collins Street Melbourne

Virgin Health Centre, located on Collins Street in Melbourne, is not your typical gym or health club. Spread across two large floors; this centre caters for people who demand more from their fitness routine.

Hachi – Fashionable clothes for dogs

There is a suburb close to me that is known to be a very dog-friendly and it’s common to see pooches dressed up, walking happily with their owners by their side. You know