A Ladies Charity Lunch Event in Melbourne

I attended a special charity lunch event organised by Sarah (aka Little Miss Melbourne) to support and raise funds for WIRE. I’m embarrassed to say I was extremely late and was the

Cute Handmade Bows

After seeing friends dressing up their pooches with accessories, I thought it was time I start putting a bit more effort into finding some accessories for Goochie. I don’t want to

A fashionable bed for Goochie

I love it when I meet people who share the same passion for their furry little friends as I do. I never talk about other business people unless I feel a

A Pomeranian’s Temperament

I’m often asked about the personality of Goochie, my 7-year-old Pomeranian. So I’ve partnered up with Ashleigh from The Pets Hotel to explain a Pomeranian’s temperament.   The Pets Hotel have taken care of Goochie in the

McLaren 650s vs Ferrari 458

  Following on from the post I wrote about the Melbourne Super Car Club (MSCC), my brother had the opportunity to test drive a McLaren for a week, hesitantly putting his Ferrari

The Melbourne Super Car Club

Updated 17th March 2016: The Melbourne Super Car Club is no longer active. In this post, I talk about my brother, the car club he founded, and that was active

New Year’s Resolutions

Once the excitement of celebrating New Year’s dies down, I take time out to write my New Year’s Resolution list. My list is short, straight to the point and includes the things I want

Make Up Compartment and Storage Ideas

  Make up compartments and small storages are useful when you have many make-up products. You can find assorted compartments- from small ones for lipsticks to bigger ones for more

It’s Tea Time! Types of Teas and Health Benefits

I am going to admit it- I am a massive tea lover! I’ve never shared a liking for coffee, which is quite unusual, since i am of Greek and Italian

Healthy sweet treats – Choc Chip and Chickpea cookies

CHOCOLATE, PEANUT BUTTER AND CHICKPEA COOKIES   I’m on a health kick and this means I’ll share blog posts with you that I’ve written featuring healthy food recipes that I’ve

Pomeranians at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk Melbourne

I was excited to attend The Million Paws Walk last month with my Pomeranian Goochie and his best friend Gucci. The Million Paws Walk is an annual event, allowing pet lovers from all over

Art thou kale

Fads may come fads may go, but you kale will forever stay with me. So sue me, for following one of the latest fads out there. Aren’t we all guilty

Dark Chocolate – Your lips don’t lie

Caught, don’t look so surprised the lights may be dim, but I see that red wine residing in your hand, and that dark chocolate filling your mouth. You’re feeling pretty

Pomeranians at the Beach

As the weather continues to stay warm and sunny, Pomeranian owners cannot help but take their little special fur balls for walks, allowing them to explore the outdoors. I know

December has come  around quicker than expected.. I remember walking on my lunch break putting a lay-bye for my niece and nephew and thinking I was done.. I’m on top

Christmas Decorations – My favourite

I love Christmas and experience that warm and fuzzy feeling inside when I see Christmas decorations. In this blog post I share with you photos of my favourite shop located