If you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice photos and videos posted of my Pomeranian named Goochie. I love posting photos and videos of him because I love him to bits and adore

A Melbourne breakfast at Stables of Como

As we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I urge everyone to go check out one of Melbourne’s hidden treasures, The Stables of Como It was a

Top 3 Instagram Photos

Are you on Instagram? We are and can’t get enough of it. Our Instagram photos are personal and raw and unlike the photos we post on our other Social Media

Healthy breakfast ideas

Breakfast is known to be one of the most important meals of the day; it gets you going to take on the day ahead and also stops you from reaching

How to make a mini cactus display

My friend inspired me to create my very own mini cactus oasis after seeing the one that he had created for his home. In this post I will explain how

Top gadgets used by a Technology Blogger

The best part of my work as a technology blogger is to try new trendy gadgets before they hit the market. There is a real need for techno-savvy people to

Be iHealthy – My favourite health and fitness apps

Thanks to the great mind of Steve Jobs, the Apple icon has been a part of our daily lives. From iPods, iPads, iPhones and the Mac’s, it is near impossible

Make Your Space Your Own

When I’m stuck at home bored I do the opposite of Spring Cleaning. Instead of clearing out all the items I don’t need in my bedroom, I seem to make

Our top 5 favourite photos on Instagram

  We love Instagram and want to share with you our favourite pics. Below are our top 5 favourite photos on Instagram this week. We have included links to the owners of the images

A weekend with the Pomeranians

Every weekend I set time aside to spend with my Pomeranian Goochie. He is 6 years old this year. I have been told that Pomeranians can live up to 18

Most popular Instagram Photos

Each month I will post the most liked and popular photos from Emilia Rossi Instagram We enjoy posting photos of the things we love most including jewellery, shoes, cars, art, fashion and

Let Me Be Frank

Let Me Be Frank is the name of a trendy, very inviting, relaxed breakfast and lunch place I found in South Melbourne. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I

Finding Goochie the perfect playmate

I had no luck finding a suitable playmate to hang out with my little Goochie. So I decided to write a letter to the editor of my local paper hoping they

Using Oil Pastels to design Christmas Cards

Being a creative person I am always doodling, sketching or drawing on things. I can’t help myself and if you are also a creative person you know exactly what I