Sponsored content – How to do it right (with examples from Google)

I’ve been blogging since 2011, and over the years received hundreds of requests from brands and companies asking to share their content on this blog and include a link back

Talking Design: Views from Australia’s Design Ecosystem

It was great to see the report released from IP Australia this month titled Talking Design: Views from Australia’s Design Ecosystem which I was able to be a part of

Download my Personal Branding Assessment Cheatsheet

This is a follow on post from the one I wrote about how you can create your personal brand in 7 steps. Make sure to have a quick glance over

Personal Branding – How to build & market a personal brand in 7 steps

Building and marketing your personal brand is a key element in attracting customers and growing a business. Deakin University invited me to speak about personal branding. I talked to a

How to write better with this Copywriting Guide by Tait Ischia

  Writing relaxes me, and I enjoy being able to sit in front of my computer and write about something. I never have an issue in finding a topic to

5 SEO Tips Direct from SMX Advanced in Seattle

It was a cool experience being able to fly to America for a world-class 2-day SEO conference. The annual Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Advanced conference took place this year in

Wolford case study: How I’d improve this luxury brand’s customer experience

Wolford, located at the top end of Collins Street in Melbourne, is a hosiery and luxury knitted outerwear brand. I shopped there for the first time earlier this year after

Look out for some changes to my blog in 2017

I’m taking some time out over these holidays to relax as well as make some changes to my blog. Changes include changing it from a fashion and beauty blog to

Things to consider when designing a new logo

I’ve spent most of my weekends recently working on the new Capriess website. Part of the new rebuild includes a new look featuring a fresh new logo. Our first attempt

Buying Social Media fans – My thoughts

The topic of ‘buying social media fans’ came up recently with one of my clients and after several discussions (and a bit of data) I’m glad to report they’ve come

How to take a great photo with your camera – Photography tips

When I take my photos to use online, there are things I keep in mind to ensure I take the best possible photos. Below are some things I take into consideration every time

How I Organise the Content on my Blog

I enjoy and love the fact I have time to write a blog post each week for you to read. I can take up to 3 hours to put some of my

4 steps to create a look book

If you want to design something to sell to retailers, this post is for you. I’m going to share tips on creating a look book that can be sent to retailers to show them

5 ways to write a better blog

Setting up a personal blog has never been so easy. But coming up with ideas of what to write may not be as easy as you think. A blog is a great way