First Pregnancy vs Second pregnancy

I want to share the differences between my first and second pregnancy now that we are done with babies. After reading this, please feel free to leave your experiences in

5 funny experiences while I was pregnant

Now that baby number two is almost seven months old it’s giving me the opportunity to reflect back on some of the things I experienced while pregnant and have a

A beautiful post about my son Hercule from my sister-in-law

Hercule recently turned 2-years old (my gosh where did that time go!). It’s hard to forget the moment he was born so thank goodness my sister-in-law captured the moment she

My top 8 baby essentials for new mums. New mum must haves

With baby number two on the way, I’m preparing myself for the unpredictable, exhausting, emotional and challenging times ahead. But despite the hard times ahead, there are some things that

Why I took my baby to sleep school and did sleep school work?

When Hercule was two months old, he slept through the entire night. However, everything went downhill when he reached four months old. At four months, he started to wake up

Being a new mum is the hardest thing I’ve done in my life

  I wish someone told me the truth about being a new mum – why doesn’t anyone mention how freaking hard it is? The hardest thing about being a new

9-months Pregnancy Timeline  – What to Expect

This year I gave birth to a gorgeous little boy named Hercule. It was a daunting experience because I never really held a baby or felt clucky enough to think