A premium Melbourne hotel ideal for work or a family staycation!

I want to thank the Pullman Melbourne on the Park for putting us up for a three-day stay in exchange for this sponsored post of our experience.  With its recent

Things to do in Seattle – Pike Place Market, Underground Tour & Tram Cart Ride

During our short trip to Seattle last year I got the chance to meet some of the locals who were quirky and vibrant. It was nice to see how the

Things To See in Hong Kong

After spending seven days in Hong Kong earlier this year I thought I’d share what I managed to see in my short time being stuck there while I was having

MIFF – An Australian leading film festival happening in Melbourne

  What does Docklands and one of Australian leading Film Festivals have in common? A lot actually, considering that Lendlease from Docklands is proud to be this year’s major sponsor

Working in China – It wasn’t what I expected

Working in China was not what I expected and in this post, I share what my experiences were of living and working in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China for four weeks

7 days in Hong Kong – What I liked and didn’t like

I couldn’t resist the temptation of visiting Hong Kong while I was in China doing some consulting work for a new client last month. Hong Kong is considered part of China but

What’s on in Melbourne – Things to do in Autumn

Melbourne is always full of fun events to enjoy and spectacular shows to see. I’ve put together a list of four things happening this Autumn and Winter to make it

Fun things to do in Docklands

I left Canberra four years ago to relocate to Melbourne and since moving to Docklands a lot has changed in the area – especially the option of having more fun

The Mantra – Nusa Dua Bali

pIt was my third time visiting Nusa Dua last month, and it wasn’t going to be my last. Nusa Dua, in Bali, is one of my favourite places to escape

The Olympics 2016 in Rio, Brazil

With only two weeks to the Olympics, I want to share my feelings and thoughts about Rio. I was in Brazil only 6 months ago visiting family so I can’t

Burlesque Show – Things to do in Docklands

I couldn’t have chosen a better night to go along and enjoy some spectacular burlesque. The evening was warm, and I was excited to be on a boat in the

Facts about Brazil – Ouro Preto

Today I’m writing about a fascinating city that I visited in Brazil which became its first city to be recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Ouro Preto is a city that was used by the

Traditional Brazilian Food – What I love the most

The quality of the food in Brazil is different from what we’re used to in Australia. The fruits and vegetables are nicer, but I find the food in general to be

Brazil – What happened to you?

I’ve been in Brazil for several weeks now and despite being in love with the culture, there are some things that are lacking in Brazil making the country far behind

Dubai Perfume Bar

There is nothing better than smelling someone walking past with a unique scent. It was exciting to have the chance to see in person what a perfume bar in Dubai

My Holiday in Dubai

As you know, I’m overseas at the moment and wanted to write about the short holiday in Dubai as I stopped over there on my way to Brazil.  When I arrived the